About Coño® Activewear ACTIVEWEAR



Coño® Activewear is an apparel distributor and wholesaler in the Activewear, Swimwear & Lingerie markets.


The Coño® Activewear goal is to supply high quality goods with a full service design staff constantly updating our product line using the latest marketing technology and products.


At Coño® everyone knows the clothing we make ensures quality, fit, design and comfort before it goes out to the market place. We make every effort to maintain the highest quality production so our clothing will be consist ant in design and construction to meet today's apparel market standards.


Our employees help build our company by sharing design ideas and creating hot new fashions.


We are Coño®! because Coño® is all about your Persona, Chi, & Attitude - The light inside you. It is all that you are and the freedom to express it.